L’Ete Indien— Indian Summer

Exhibition from October 3 to 30 —
Les Canailles x Bérénice Milon 2019

Legend has it that a gigantic snake lived in the depths of the Amazon rivers and lakes. His fluorescent eyes terrorized people who crossed his path.

One day, a young woman from the village fell in love with the reptile, the largest in the whole forest, and gave her offspring. Thus were born Honorato and Maria Caninana, the child snakes. Their mother, frightened by their appearance, threw them into the river.

The children grew up and developed two very different personalities. Honorato, the young boy was kind-hearted, and loved his mother very much, whom he visited regularly. On full moon nights, he would leave his reptile skin at the edge of the water and transform himself into a handsome young man to find it. The moon passed, he returned sadly to the river.

His sister, Maria, meanwhile, could not forget the rejection of her father and took revenge by terrorizing the surrounding villages and animals, sinking boats, killing sinners. Her brother, tired by her behavior, resolved to kill her in order to restore peace to the forest.His dead sister, Honorato had only one idea in mind, to return to the realm of humans. To break the spell, someone had to hurt it and pour milk into its gigantic mouth.

He waited and waited but all were far too scared to try the experiment. Until one day a valiant soldier released him from his curse. Delivered, Honorato returned to the village, found his family and lived happily.

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