Le Relais is a network of companies that has been working for 30 years for the integration of people in situations of exclusion, through the creation of sustainable jobs. A member of Emmaüs France and the Inter Réseaux de la Fibre Solidaire (IRFS), he carries with him the values of solidarity and generosity defended by Abbé Pierre. In just a few years, Le Relais has become the leading textile collection/recovery operator in France.

What differentiates the Relay from traditional companies is that it does not seek economic performance for profit, but to achieve its social objectives.
I had the pleasure of collaborating with them on the redesign of their visual identity as well as that of their Ding Fring store. We have developed a modular graphic identity through the creation of a shape inventory, a choice of bright colors and a dynamic typographic duo. I redesigned a wide variety of communication media, both paper and digital, always putting people and positivity at the heart of creation.

Service: Branding / Graphic Design / Illustration